Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions ...

Better late than never?

Remember at the beginning of January last year, I posted about my new year's resolutions? I've been meaning to post an update on that ... but of course have been procrastinating wildly ... but now I will get it done, like it or lump it. :-)

So, I had a bunch of things I was going to do ... and I was going to blog about whether or not I actually did it. The latter only worked for the first month, and then I kind of let it slide ... because I am slow with these things. I hang my head in shame. :-( I'm going to be less ambitious about it this year. ;-)

I didn't write all the letters I was planning to write, but there was an improvement from 2008. So ... acceptable? And so far this year I've been doing much better than in 2009. I want to get lots of mail this year ... more on that another time, but I'm still sticking with this resolution and plan to mend my ways slowly but surely. :-)

I was going to be more creative in 2009 ... total FAIL on that one, I'm sorry to say. I was soo not crafty AT ALL in 2009. I ... let's see ... I made a necklace for my friend Sol, as a present for her 30th birthday this summer. That was pretty much it. Disgraceful. Seriously, that is a disgrace. If you knew how much crafty stuff I have lying around here ... !! But in 2010 I really am going to be more creative. I am!! And so far I'm succeeding brilliantly (although to be fair, improving over last year is incredibly easy on this score ;-) - again, more on that some other time. With pics and everything. Yay. :-)

I did go on vacay to an interesting place, and it was - as you know :-) - Carcassonne, France. This year I will go to Hammerfest in the north of Norway, and, here's hoping, to Ireland. Fingers crossed. :-)

New things and new food - I did do that most months. I kind of lost track of it towards the end of the year, but I did do it most months. :-) I have another food-related resolution this year - I'm going to eat at least one fish dinner every week, and also one vegetarian dinner every week. Yes, you read that correctly! Vegetarian!! :-o It's good for my body, probably, possibly, and it's good for the planet, although of course not to any extent that will matter. Anyway. The problem is that I can only cook one dish that doesn't involve dead animals. (Mmmm, dead animals ...) So far I've been able to stick to my rules, but I have to give major kudos to Anne Ida for that, because without her culinary creativity I would probably just have been eating my vegetable stew/ratatouille type thing once a week all month - or, worst case scenario, all year. :-D Thanks for cooking dinner with me!! :-)

BookCrossing - I was going to read at least 20 nonfiction books, I ended up reading 40. :-) Now let's see if I can repeat that this year. I was going to read at least one of the 1001 books every month, so that would have been 12, but I actually ended up on 20 (or 22, depending on how you count). I did register a book almost every day of the year, apart from when I was away on vacation, and I almost succeeded in my goal of wild releasing at least one book every week. Almost, but not quite. Dagnabbit! As we say in Norwegian: Nesten skyter ingen mann av hesten. >:-( I forgot it the very last week of the year. Damn that stupid swine flu!! I released two books the next week to make up for it, but alas, it is not the same. :-( I will keep wild releasing this year and will be sure to not forget a single week.

Sending books to foreign countries FAIL. This year I'm going to read one book every month from a country that I've never read a book from before. Got that? o_O January's country was Bahrain. And the book was so spectacularly bad ... !!! Seriously, it was like the worst book ever. :-D Review coming up on Youtube.

Am I forgetting something? Probably, but this'll do. :-) I hope I will do better this year. :-)


Paz said...

sounds like a plan

AudiX78 said...

hurry up with the crafts :-) then you can inspire me to do better too :-)

Leisha Camden said...

I'll try to post some crafty photos soon then. Though I don't think they're the same kind of crafts you do, but maybe we can inspire each other anyway. ;-)