Monday, January 11, 2010

Keanu gets money

I'm guessing that none of my readers have ever heard the name Karen Sala ... but if you were Keanufans you would know who she is. She is a crazy Canadian woman who wanted enormous sums of money because Keanu was supposedly the father of her four children. Or at least one of them, but she couldn't be quite sure which, but probably all of them. :-D She wanted him to pay child support for them ... they are all 20 years old or older. :-D She told lots of crazy stories like how they'd been a couple in secret since forever, they'd known each other since they were grade schoolers and he'd promised to marry her, and her friends had seen them together lots of times and I don't know what all. Her friends didn't really remember this, for some reason. :-D Keanu said he'd never heard of her, never met her, and certainly hadn't gotten even one child with her, much less four. She didn't give up though, she was really tenacious.

Many of his fans have been quite worried and felt bad for him ... I've mostly been entertained. This woman is some serious crazy. Her kids must be so embarrassed. :-D This has been going on for months and months, it's been so funny following this case. :-)

Now, what you'd think would happen here would be that Keanu would demand a paternity test. But he didn't have to - she asked for one! :-D The test came back saying that there is no relation whatsoever between him and any of these 'children'. Now the court that was treating Sala's lawsuit against him has come back with its verdict. She's full of shit and now she has to pay him $15,000.

Bwahahahaha!!! :-D

Well, you know what they say about people who are their own lawyers ... >:-)


Anonymous said...

From that description she actually sound sick, like in-need-of-help sick. I get the feeling she believes in it herself, otherwise she would hardly ask for a DNA test?

Glad they got an end to the case!

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, you're right, she seriously needs some professional help. She genuinely believes her own stories. But that's not all she believes - she thinks that the DNA test did show that he's the father, but he's concealing the result by hypnotizing whoever's in charge of the test. o_O She also claims he was present when this kid that's supposedly his was born - no one else remember him being there, just that her ex-husband was there. She says that Keanu is ... well, a shapeshifter basically, that he changed himself to look like her ex-husband, but in reality it was Keanu Reeves. I'm not even making this shit up. I laugh at it, but you're right, she is really sick. And I probably wouldn't be laughing, I guess, if I was her target.

There are some advantages to not being rich & famous ... ;-)

Paz said...

Ah but she did not claim that it was Keanu but "Marty Spencer" that made her pregnant, she only realised that Marty was Keanu years later.
I actually saw this one in the paper and laughed because my brother is a cop and he always said that someone that represents themselves have a fool for a client.
I thought it was funny that she could not provide birth certs, yet she had irrefutable evidence that she could not produce in court.
Poor woman needs a padded room me thinks

GypsyPunk said...

i like this - I watch Keanu's movies, but the woman karen is really something... i wonder why nobody close to her stopped her before more damages came...