Thursday, October 28, 2010

Critical mass!!

Or, in Norwegian, Kritisk masse. No longer just a scientific term - now also the first ever Norwegian skeptics' conference. There's a shitload of woo conventions in this country every year, but there's never been a skepticism one, until now. So yay!! :-) This landmark event will take place over three days, starting tomorrow, at Chateau Neuf at Majorstua here in Oslo. The program tomorrow, Friday, is free entry; Sunday you will have to pay a small token fee; Saturday will cost between 650 and 950 crowns, depending on how much of the day's events you want to catch. The program is here - there are lots of great speakers, such as Simon Singh, Rebecca Watson, Asbjørn Dyrendal, Erik Tunstad and lots more. Iszi Lawrence will be performing on Saturday night. So don't miss it, if you're in Oslo. Get your tickets here or at the door on Saturday morning.

See you there! :-)

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