Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NORWAY 2000 - My Heart Goes Boom

A walk down memory lane ... :-)

I like this song more when I only hear it - there's something about those costumes that just make me go Augh ... and the colors on the screen behind them, ouch. Just the whole presentation of the contest here is pretty flabbergasting. This was seriously only ten years ago. Comparing then to now, the ESC has become a true leviathan, a behemoth. It is so massive now compared to what it was. I'm not entirely sure all that growth is a good thing. Not thinking of the number of competing countries, but the sheer scale of the show qua show.

Anyway ... this is the thrown together girl group Charmed performing the very catchy My Heart Goes Boom by Tore Madsen and Morten Henriksen, who competed for Norway in the Globe in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, on Saturday, May 13th, 2000. Sadly we didn't get very impressive results with this song - we came 11th. Of course that's not too shabby out of 24 competing nations ... but Sweden did better, they came 7th. And what is the point of any Norwegian competing at anything internationally if it's not in the hopes of thrashing the Swedes. Sigh.

Lyrics here. Kinda fun when people who have English as a second language, if that, write lyrics in English, isn't it. Hey, I mean it as a compliment. Really.

Fullscreen here.

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awaywithfairies said...

I agree with you about the ESC. It's gotten too big and slick and lost it's quirkiness. You never see an "odd" song any more!