Monday, October 25, 2010

Yawn ...

Mandatory welding lesson tonight at work ... we got pizza and did some arc welding. It was fun, but pretty tiring. I don't know what I did wrong with that helmet, it really made my neck ache. I guess it may have been because it wasn't really sized for my head ... pretty much everything we stock, I mean everything that's wearable, is in men's sizes. Because we have hardly any women customers. Money talks. When it was my turn to weld, I made the guys laugh uproariously by just asking whether there were gloves in any other size lying around, and then just holding my hands straight down. The gloves just literally slipped off my hands. :-D Fortunately we also have another type of welding glove that is basically cheap semi-crap, and they're different sizes even though they're supposed to be all the same. :-D So we did find a pair that fit me pretty well, so I could weld.

Now tired and still slightly achey. Will sleep. But first - how can I connect this to Keanu somehow?

Umm ... by mentioning that I haven't seen The Prince of Pennsylvania, but one day I will ... and then I will discover if any welding actually happens in it?

OK, that was weak. I need to get some sleep. :-)


Paz said...

why the hell do ye need to weld stuff.

Leisha Camden said...

I don't really need to, but we do sell all kinds of welding equipment ... all the machinery, the electrodes, various accessories ... and it does really help us to understand the merchandise when we get to try it out for ourselves. It's easier to understand what the customers are talking about too. Generally of course things you know are easier for you to sell. ;-)