Saturday, October 9, 2010

Need postcards?

Unusual ones that not everybody's got? Then look no further! :-) Check out my brand new Zazzle store! I set it up a week and a half ago, so, pretty brand spanking new. :-) I basically did it to get some of their postcards with my own images on it ... I've received a couple of Zazzle postcards through Swap-Bot and they're pretty good quality. I can't say that they're quite up there with ... the paper they use is of a lighter weight. moo's got the most solid postcards I've ever seen - a cut above even what I buy in stores here, in fact. But Zazzle's got the one feature that I really miss at moo - you design and/or order just one card at a time, so that you can add descriptive info to the back of each card, unique to that image. At moo you have to get either 20 or 60, and although the images can all be different, the text on the back (if any) has to be identical. You know ... they have to all say, for instance, Ireland 2010. You can't have one saying The Dublin Spire, Dublin city center, Ireland 2010 and another Wildflower at the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland 2010 ... or whatever. It all has to be the same, so unless you use all identical images as well, you can't get image-specific text. But you can get that at Zazzle ... so I decided that I just had to try it.

Another difference between Zazzle and moo is that the latter is 'just' a printing service - although they do have a good range of ready-made items too, where you don't need to have your own images - while the former is an online store as well, where you can both purchase other people's work in addition to selling your own. And of course you can buy your own work too. Just upload the image and make a product. Your products can be set to private so that other users can't see and buy them, of course. But I figured that if my photos are good enough for someone else to want as postcards or stickers or whatever, then why the hell not? It's worth a shot. :-)

And, ooh, get this, it works! I made my first sale today. :-o Someone bought one of my postcards!! That's actually pretty crazy. But also pretty cool. :-) It's impossible to tell who bought it, unfortunately - I'd love to thank that person! :-D - but someone out there did in fact buy a postcard made from a photo I've taken. And I made $0.12. :-D Hey, you gotta start somewhere. I've got, let's see, 23 different postcards in the store, as well as a few other items, and I think all the photos are good, but I wasn't at all surprised to see that this one was my first sale. :-)

So, where was I ... Yeah, I sold the postcard, and IMMD. :-) I'm waiting with bated breath for my own first order from there to arrive. Yeah, I've never bought anything from Zazzle until a few days ago, after I set up my store ... so I can only judge the quality of their products from what I've gotten in swaps, but now I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of 12 super cool postcards with designs I could never find in stores. I'll let you know if the quality lives up to my expectations. :-) And please let me know what you think of my store. :-)

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Paz said...

some nice stuff there, gives one ideas hmmmm