Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy birthday to me

October 14th is traditionally the first day of winter here in Norway. On this day 34 years ago, there was a snowfall in the Oslo area, and that snow stayed on the ground throughout the winter and all the way till spring, March, I think. Snow on the ground from October till March. o_O Apparently it was quite hellish to be more or less housebound for half a year with an extremely colicky baby that hardly ever slept. I don't remember this, these allegations are my mother's. Made repeatedly. Well, that's what families are for, isn't it? :-)

Happy birthday to me, and thank you to everyone who's sent text messages and cards and emails and what not. :-)

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Paz said...

oops sorry forgot it, its also a black day a number of years ago that Mrs Paz had the misfortune of meeting me for the first time. She cries a lot on that day :P and I forgot that day too.
Please forgive me, belated Happy birthday and pressies will be sent a bit late.