Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is to be done?

I'm serious, what is to be done with our society, with our system of education, I might even say with our media, when someone like Ryke Geerd Hamer isn't just walking around as a supposedly normal member of society - after going to medical school, people!! - but in fact has a following and makes a living off of the deadly scam he's running.

Yes, he may believe the quackery he's peddling. That is possible, although to my mind it is so batshit crazy that I have a hard time understanding how anyone with half a brain can take it seriously. (And this guy went to medical school! Did I mention that? Did he learn nothing? Argh!) I think his mind must have become unhinged by grief when his son died. Which of course was a tragedy, but seriously ... you do not deal with the death of your child by killing other people's children.

I really think that there is something wrong with the education people are getting in this country - and in Germany too, obviously, among other places - when someone can invent this kind of insane BS and actually be taken seriously. All serious illnesses are caused by mental or emotional trauma ... ? Overcome the emotional conflict and whatever ails you will go away ... ? Chemotherapy prevents natural healing ... ? 98% of all European cancer patients on chemo die ... ?* There is a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to kill as many non-Jews as possible ... ? They are slowly exterminating us using ... chemotherapy?? Big Pharma is part of the conspiracy?!

What kind of FUCKING RETARDS believe this shit??? Not only is it stupid nonsense, but it's so obviously dangerous too. And this guy is a killer. Susanne Rehklau is dead. Her parents ought to be in jail ... and Hamer too. He is a menace to society.

But he would have been so much less of a threat if people in general hadn't been so ignorant of the fundamentals of critical thinking ... !!! >:-(

Please note that when Hamer himself had cancer, he had surgery.

*I don't have the stats for other countries, but in Norway 60-65% of cancer patients who receive standard Western treatment are still alive five years later.


Charlie Adley said...

A German friend of mine living here in Galway died of cancer a few years ago.

her obituary post is @: (http://doubledoublevision.blogspot.com/2008/01/sitting-at-bar-in-terrys-just-as-i-ever.html)

She was a beautiful person who eschewed chemo and dreamed of making it to one of Hamer's clinics. I was immediately suspicious of his methods when she described them to me, but had no idea that he was a Nazi quack. She never made it to see him, thankfully, and died with dignity surrounded by her loved ones in the hospice here.

Thanks for pointing out who he is, and (as a Jewish atheist myself) thanks for being angry about his bullshit beliefs.

Elie said...

People like this should be sitting behind bars, together with many new age quacks that deceive desperate people and convince them that they will make them better by manipulating the invisible grids of earth.

Paz said...

He should be locked up and throw away the Key, first I had heard of him. I would send a lot of others with him especially all those "Miracle Healer" fuckers.