Saturday, June 20, 2009

Egypt 2008: Memphis revisited

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I went to visit CH a weekend back in May. During which visit we finally got around to exchanging all our pictures from our trip to Egypt. We've been having shitty luck trying to send them back and forth on CDs and DVDs ... so now I just brought my external harddisk with me to her house and we copied everything. Yay, more pictures from Egypt - just what I needed. ;-) But there are some really good shots. Here are some of them, from our visit to Memphis, the old capital of Lower Egypt. There are more shots from Memphis here (the ones labelled *** are by CH) and you can see my original post on this visit here.

CH by one of the many statues on display.

Me by the Alabaster Sphinx.

The famous limestone statue of king Ramses II is pretty amazing. It's so huge and it's in such good condition. This is CH by the king's right hand ... and she had the bright idea to make a fist just like the statue, I wish I had thought of that. :-)

The statue of the king is lying down (because the lower parts of its legs are gone) and so you can see right up Ramses' nose.

Check out the two guys standing on the statue's left side. They were locals who were basically hanging around hoping to be photographed by some hapless tourist, whom they could then demand some money from.

A hapless tourist like CH! :-D (I wasn't with her just then or I'm sure I would have fallen for the trick too. :-) It's a good shot though, I really like it. :-)

This is us in the car going either to or from Memphis. Happy happy ... !! :-D


Paz said...

great shots madam, amazing trip
tho' notice the pale colour ye must have gone there early in the trip

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks! Yeah, this was the day after we arrived, so we hadn't had time to get much of a tan yet. :-)

Paz said...

thought something like that, loved all the shots so far posted here and elsewhere, enough stories to bore friends for years

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks!! There's lots and lots more boring stories coming up ... ! ;-)

Paz said...

Teasing, irish are getting as bad as Americans for talking about where they have been. Got a dose of it yesterday