Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty birdie

About a month ago I went to Vestby outside of Oslo to visit my friend CH - the Egypt traveller, yes. :-) I was going there to do something else entirely (more on that later) but fortunately she didn't have other plans that weekend and - a more likely problem in her case - she wasn't working, so I got to see her too. :-) And I also got to meet her new pet - her pretty birdie! Yay! She has kinda been wanting a cat, but a couple of weeks before my visit she decided to get a bird instead. A little green & yellow budgie by the name of Kjakan. And here he is.

He's so pretty ... !! :-) I wanted to get some really good shots of him, since I hardly ever get the chance to see companion birds up close like this - I don't know a lot of people who keep birds, or in fact, if truth be told, I know hardly any - but that was easier said than done. As I said she'd only had him for about a fortnight, so he wasn't quite used to people shoving cameras in his little face yet. Not to mention that I was omg a stranger!!!1! An unknown human!! o_O Apparently quite shocking for the little fellow. He did totally cute things like puff himself up into a ball of feathers, but as soon as I approached with the camera he laid the feathers down and went all normal again. And I wanted to catch him chirping and singing and whatever you call it, and he did that a lot, but as soon as I clicked the camera on he stopped. So ... not my most successful photo session. :-D But I did get a couple of good shots, I think ... the second one above isn't bad. Kjakan and his best friend who lives in the mirror. ;-)

There are a couple more pictures here, but again, not very good ones. And here's a video - three attempts to catch him doing that chirpy thing all put together into one - thank you so much to trilltrall for helping me with that. :-) I hope I'll be seeing Kjakan again before too long, and hopefully he will be feeling a bit more confident by then. :-)


Paz said...

funy dat fudz iz cald Kjakan, luks nice Nom

Leisha Camden said...

fud is pretty color