Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here, ducky ducky ducky ...

There's an old saying that says if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck (subtext: even if it claims to be, say, a sheep). I read an interesting article in Dagbladet online this morning. Do you know the term 'Freudian slip'? Well, here's an example for you. o_O

Washed-up rock star Hank von Helvete (not his real name ;-) has recently been cured of his heroin addiction (which as far as I recall he claimed that Jebus had cured him of a couple of years ago, but I guess that didn't take) by the $cientology front organization Narconon. Now he's been sucked into the anti-psychiatry campaigns of the CCHR. All this, apparently, at the instigation of his new manager who is an avowed $cientologist. However, he claims that he himself is absolutely not a $cientologist, and that he is not being exploited by the cult (also, I'm sure, that it's not a cult, but we know better, don't we).

In the article he says various things about Kaja Bordevich Ballo, who killed herself about a year ago, and her father, MP Olav Gunnar Ballo. Not the nicest things. And here's the Freudian slip. He says, I feel incredibly sorry for a father who loses his child. That's got to be clear. But no fucking way will I take the blame for it. (Ballo has criticized the Co$ for their involvement in his daughter's death.) But ... if he's not a $cientologist, and he has nothing to do with the Co$, then why on earth should he be blamed for it? Huh.

Yet more proof, if any was needed, that $cientologists lie.

Don't let them fool you.


89 said...

It could be explained by the journalist saying something like "do you feel responsible if something like Kaja Ballo happens again", right?

I'd like to blow my own horn a bit here and promote two posts with some documentation about medical claims in Scientology, how they try to deliberately cause people to have mental breakdowns in the personality test sales interview, and how their replacement for psychiatry is a totalitarian society where low toned people (like homosexuals, critics, mental patients) are "disposed of quietly and without sorrow:

(They're in Norwegian, but the videos and quotes are in English or with English subtitles, so even your English readers will get the gist)
Scientologer trenes til å knekke folk, og at motstandere skal dø.
- Scientologi kurerer kreft og alle andre sykdommer

kccat said...

Good catch! That is one scary group. Hope all is well.

Paz said...

was too discombobulated to comment yesterday, great post, they are a dangerous bunch of crazy's IMO, I have not heard the duck quote in a while and also did not think madam would like the Simpsons