Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming up October 8th

So, MyDamnChannel has a big premiere coming up this week. Spärhusen, about a fictional 1970s pop band ... who can't pronounce their own band name, apparently. :-D Keanu plays their producer. The series also has some other really cool people, like Illeana Douglas ... I like her a lot. Wallace Langham plays the band's manager and Keanu's best friend Rob Mailhouse plays one of the band members. I'm really looking forward to this. The premiere is on October 8th. I hope I'll be able to see it here right away, even though I'm outside North America.

Here's the trailer. Check out those totally fake-looking wigs. :-) And Keanu imitating a whale. :-D

Speaking of TV, people are stupid. I mean, really stupid. In the new season of Farmer Wants A Wife here in Norway they have a gay guy as one of the farmers. Now apparently TV2 have been getting a bunch of calls complaining about this. People saying that 'farmers shouldn't be gay' or whatever. o_O Not from his neighbors or people who actually know the guy, they all think it's fun that he's on the show. But from totally random strangers who are calling the channel and saying that they 'don't want to see this on TV'. o_O

What I'd like to know is who the hell is forcing them to watch it?? Turn off the damn TV and read a book if it's so offensive to ya. Sheesh, humans.


Paz said...

ITA, turn off the bloody TV if your so offended/
On a similar note there is a program on our Irish speaking station here called 'Passion fashion' where guys see a short clip of a girl and have to buy her a full outfit for a night out, the one she chooses gets the date.
The original presenter left the show because it was going to air Gay and Lesbians match ups as well as straight, it was against her religion.

Leisha Camden said...

Sheesh, way to make yourself look unprofessional. I mean, did it not occur to her that this might - in fact probably would - happen when she agreed to take the job? I would never hire an idiot like that. What'll the next thing be that she can't accept because her invisible sky daddy tells her it's wrong & bad??

Paz said...

There was one brilliant episode where one of the guys bought the girl a micro mini, a halter neck backless blouse and thigh high boots, very little material in both garments.
The presenter laughed and asked what if the girl got cold, so he produced one of those cardigan things that are basically sleeves. He said that he picked the outfit because he got the idea she might me that type of girl.
The girl has to try on the three outfits, and then walk out in the one she likes, the guy that picked it gets the date. When the girl picked that outfit as the winner the presenters face was priceless.