Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nothing but good news?

Well, mostly good, anyway. Mostly very good. First things first - as I mentioned yesterday, I'm back at work. At very short notice - my boss asked for a meeting on Tuesday, we did that on Thursday at 10am, and Friday at 7:30am I was back at work. o_O I know, happy happy ... but to be honest I'm not really that happy about it, I would actually have preferred to stay in school, finish my course. I was just starting to really learn something. And it was such short notice ... one day I'm thinking that it's totally in the blue, and the next day it's 'start tomorrow'. I was really geared towards the course now. So it's not the happy transition it might have been. >:-(

But, well, it's relatively good news. And I hadn't forgotten anything, everything came right back to me. Our computer system is not intuitive at any level, you just have to learn it, and I guess I really have ... I hadn't forgotten a thing in 3 months +. :-) Everyone was so happy to see me ... O. especially (have I mentioned him before? yes, I know I have :-) - he stopped in his tracks several times during the day and just looked at me and said It's so fantastic that you're back!! And apparently an 'incredible number' of customers have been asking for me. So that was nice to hear.

I'm not resting entirely easy, though ... I can't go into that in as public a forum as this, there are some confidential details and things, but, well, we'll just have to see what happens. I've got my strategy laid out, and we'll just have to see.

But I had a good day at work, and it got even better when I came home. In the mailbox there was a letter from the vet - Herman's test result, finally. The infection was nothing more than what the vet originally diagnosed and which, of course, I've already treated him for. :-) And it does look much better now, it's pretty much gone. What's left is kind of a scar, if that makes sense. So he's doing fine and doesn't need any more treatment. Aw, my special little guy!! Just what I wanted to hear. :-)

Then at 5:30 KAS, trilltrall and Anne Ida came over - we had a hot dog party and then played my latest board game acquisition, Carcassonne: New World. I bought it on the 14th as a present for myself. :-) It was pretty cool once we figured out how to work the twist that they've introduced into this edition. I won, even ... I lagged behind for a long time, but when push came to shove my trappers won the day for me. :-) Thanks, guys, it was great - hot dog party ftw ... !! :-D

My little green trapper, struggling to make it in the wilderness ...

This would have been a good enough day in itself. More than good enough. :-) But you haven't heard it all.

When I was on the bus going home from work my mother called. She'd talked to her doctor. She had some tests done on Tuesday, they did a serious head scan where she had to ... be injected, I guess, with some kind of contrast fluid and wait around for hours till it had been distributed around the system, then lie in the machine for 45 minutes without moving a muscle. She has a cough right now and she was so worried that she'd start coughing and they'd have to start all over again ... but she didn't and it all went swimmingly. Her doctor - not the GP, but the specialist - had told her to let her know when she'd had the test, because then she - the doctor :-) - could start badgering them for results and hopefully we'd hear back quicker. That was nice of her, but we still thought it would take, what, weeks, probably, to get the results. But I guess the Norwegian health care system isn't as run down and inefficient as people say >:-) because the results came back on Friday - yesterday - ie in only three days. And this is my main piece of good news.

My mother does NOT have Parkinson's disease.

Happy happy, joy joy ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


Anonymous said...

Yay for good news! Wonderful to hear about your mother in particular :D

Paz said...

YAY you great to hear that you have been missed, that you won the board game and Herman is well.
But more importantly these mean nothing compared to your mothers news
Happy days madam :D

James said...

What a massive great bloody relief about your mum! That's the best news I've heard for a while. It might seem strange how much I like your parents considering that I only met them sporadically ten years ago, but I have really fond memories of them both. So much so that I've been talking them up to my Japanese friends - especially your dad and his ... how shall I put this ... special sense of humour.

But as I was saying, I really am very happy to hear about your mum. Not as happy as you and your dad and especially your mum, of course.

Thanks for being prepared to open your doors on my recommendation again. Kaho and Kanako currently volunteer at a nearby nursing home. They're genuinely lovely people, too, rather than superficially lovely people like one or two of my past acquaintances that I could mention...

More than that, Kaho's a fantastic cook. Last night I went to the nursing home for the farewell party of another of my Japanese friends and Kaho made the most gorgeous miso soup I've ever had. And I've had a lot...

I somehow neglected to forget all about the terrapins while I was telling them about you, though. Not sure how I managed that...

Anyway, I'll let them know that you're happy to have them over. They're flying from your favourite British airport to Rygge-Moss. They've been told that it's easy to get to central Oslo from there, but that doesn't sound exactly true to my admittedly cynical ears. Not sure if they realise what a pain getting to Stansted is, either.

But who knows, maybe one day I'll find my way back to Oslo as well!

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, all. I agree, it is wonderful. :-) My mother was so happy she hardly knew what to do with herself. I'm sure I can't imagine what a relief it must have been for her. :-)

James, I'll tell her/them hi from you. :-) I'm glad they've made such an impression on you. ;-) And you're right, my dad is a pretty special guy ... :-D

I hope you do come to Oslo again ... and when you do I promise that we won't argue about Mika. ;-) As for getting to Oslo from Rygge Airport, that really is easy ... there are airport express buses. But that will only take them downtown, so I hope they won't be arriving too late to catch a subway to my place. But I'm sure we'll work that out. Just warn them about the turtle ... :-)

Rose said...

Such wonderful news!!! What a relief for you and your mum! Thats another reason to make me smile today!
Hugs xxx

scrowlscrowl said...

Sååå godt å høre om mamman din!!
Ble gald jeg nå :)