Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Places I've been

I was writing a postcard about traveling today - kind of a long story and not important anyway, but I was thinking about traveling. I like to travel. See new places. This map of the world shows the countries I've been to in my life, marked out in blue:

Make yours @

Some of these I've been to more than once. I've been to Sweden and Denmark several times, unsurprisingly; I've been to Greece on four, or is it five, different trips, and I've been to the UK at least eight times. The Netherlands and Germany too, I've been there more than once.

I don't know if that's good or bad. I mean, I know that a lot of people my age have traveled more than this. Especially to places further away ... more countries outside of Europe. So sometimes I think this is really unimpressive. But then I get to thinking about how much the world has changed over the past ... not too many years. I think my mother was 18 years old before she ever left Norway. (Although she could have gone to Sweden once when she was about 8 or 9, but she didn't want to go because she always got so carsick back then, so her parents took her little brother and a neighbor with them instead. :-)

I think that I should just be happy that I have gotten to see all of these places, and just hope to get the chance to visit more strange and wonderful lands in the future. :-)

Any thoughts from teh intarwebs?


Paz said...

surprised to have not gone to the USA, no guessing where I think you would love ;). I will also suggest Canada I have had a few friends there and the pictures they have taken are fantastic and breathtaking

James said...

Interesting to see how different the map showing my travels looks when compared to yours...

Can't paste the link here, though!

I'll be off to a couple of the same countries again next year as well (I'm sure you can guess at least one of them...).

Sorry for not replying to your e-mail. I was too much taken aback to string together even a single coherent sentence.

No, I've just been working too bloody much lately (to pay for the trips next year, basically...).

Hope all's well with you. Haven't been in touch with my Japanese friends lately, either, so I suppose you could say I'm failing miserably in my role as middleman. Must try harder...

Leisha Camden said...

Paz: Yes, I actually have never been to the US, I just sound like I have. It's because I watch too much TV. ;-) I would love to go to Canada, to some of the less inhabited areas perhaps and certainly to Quebec. And I also have a friend who lives in Canada who I would love to visit. One day, I hope. :-)

As for Ireland, well, it's quite a disgrace that I haven't been there yet!! But I certainly hope to remedy that. ;-)

James: Did you make up a map for yourself too, on BigHugeLabs? Cool - I think I already know pretty much what it looks like ... ;-)

You can email me back whenever, but I would like to know a little more about your friends and their visit, in time to plan it, since they don't have much time here, apparently. I'm sure I can rely on you to provide me with the necessary information. ;-) It's good that you're working, though - but take care of yourself too, don't work too much ... :-)