Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nordens Ark 2009

I'm not going to write 35 posts or whatever it was about my trip this year, but I've got to write some. :-) This first one will just show off the park a little bit ... some nature shots and what not ... and also a video that I made showing off the place. Not a lot of animals in that one, I've made others with the various animals. (Coming up, of course. :-) The park is just so beautiful in and of itself ... it's 20 years old now and it really shows, the woodlands are well established. It's also very well maintained, clean and neat and tidy. Just a gorgeous place all over. If you ever get the chance, please do visit. :-)

The Ark's hotel and restaurant, with the entrance in between the two buildings.

The entrance. 'Welcome to the Nordic Ark'! :-)

Animals born at the Ark in 2009.

The back of the building in the first shot. The entrance into the building is here. There are also picnic tables, and you can rent little carts to pull your gear or your kids around.

The road towards the 'Wild Park' and the entrance to the Land Farm.

Ducks enjoying the late summer sun.

Some ... nature ... along the side of the Southern Púdu enclosure.

Looking up into the trees. I really like taking shots like these, with the sun shining through the branches. :-)

Wilderness along the path from the panda enclosure.

Bright light, bright light ...

They have some vacant enclosures as well ... extra space just in case, I guess. :-)

The 'Wolf House' ... an outdoor and indoor picnic area with a small café which projects out into the wolves' enclosure. One of the best places to spot the wolf pack.

Wooded area between the wolves and the reindeer. :-)

Some of the old forest that's been left standing ... between the reindeer and the first of the big cats.

Next to the peregrine enclosure, I think.

Life finds a way ... :-)

They even have a rainbow ... ! ;-)

The aforementioned video.


Paz said...

fantastic selection of shots, definitely a place I would love to visit.
BTW, ye find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Leisha Camden said...

I hope you do get to visit it one day, I think you'd really like it there. And I'd love to see the pictures you would take ... !! ;-)

No, no pot of gold, alas. We were too distracted by the tigers and the wolverines and what not ... :-)

Paz said...

I think your doing a fantastic job taking pics there all on your own ;)
those Leprechauns are a slippery bunch :D