Friday, October 2, 2009

Success!! ... or, I give up.

I was going to write a really deep & profound blog post today, all about religion and what's wrong with it. But I've spent so much time (and even some money) fiddling around with this goddamn decoder thing that now I don't have the energy to write more than just a short rant. >:-(

The reason why I spent money is that I have more than one doodad hooked up to my TV - a DVD player, the recorder, etc. And there's something wrong with the gadget that they're connected through ... the DVD player I can hardly use because I have to get up every two minutes (and I'm not necessarily exaggerating) to adjust the connector cable because the picture goes all wonky (eg, turns blue, yellow or pink). So I decided that now I'm digging through all this shit anyway I may as well get around to replacing those. Even though I should be trying to not spend money right now ... but generally speaking I have been really good about that. So.

The good news is that I have figured out a way to get the signal back via my DVD player. Or whatever the hell the problem was, I fixed it. Sort of. I can actually use the player now. Yay. :-) Canal Digital - thanks for nothing - can't contribute anything whatsoever. They claim that the problem is something with the settings on my TV set. WTF? Then those settings have been affected by their fucking update, because I did nothing to any settings at all other than what they asked me to do!! >:-( Anyway, I've unplugged the whole damn thing. It is now entirely unconnected to anything whatsoever except the surface of the table it's sitting on. I reconnected the player to the TV set the way it was before these idiots started fiddling with it. So now the DVD player works. Success?

Yees ... except that if I should want to watch anything on the channels I have via the decoder, I have to pull out that whole section of shelf again and disconnect and reconnect and whatever, and that's harder than it sounds because now I don't even remember what was connected to where on that stupid box. Argh. I need help.

I guess I sound kind of obsessed about this right now, I don't want to give the wrong impression ... It's not like my life is empty without my TV working. But right now it's just really nice to have a working DVD player so that I can watch some movies sometimes. Plus, not to mention that I have a lot of time right now to obsess about it. >:-) I've actually been really pissed off about this tonight ... and looking around me I still am, a little, when I see all these goddamn cables lying all over the floor and the shelf with the TV on it halfway out from the wall, lamps on the floor ... Argh. Again, I need some help.

But, anyway, I was in a really bad mood, but then I checked my subscriptions on Youtube and discovered that Pat Condell has uploaded a new video. And it's his best ever. Fantastic.


Leisha Camden said...

LOL!! 'Short rant'! Ha ha!

Another thing, not important enough to mention in the post itself: It's not such a big deal whether the decoder is working or not, but on the other hand I'm sure I'm paying for the damn thing. So I don't think it's too much to ask to get one that actually works properly. >:-(

Paz said...

its good to get things of your chest, especially when you paid for the damn thing. I hate the way that tech support sometimes try to blame the customer, WTF