Monday, October 19, 2009

KeanuLOL w/o picture

This is in really bad taste but really funny too. On Wednesday I watched a documentary on TV about Billy Robbins, the world's fattest teenager. Poor bastard. His mother ought to be locked up, I can't believe someone would do that to their own child. >:-( But that's not what this post is about.

The fat kid went through some surgical procedures in order to make him less grotesquely fat. The first operation was to remove this ... I don't know ... giant bag of flab from his stomach. They cut it off - and I just have to point out that the kid was completely under when the following happened, so he didn't hear it - and then they weighed it to see how much of his more than 800 pounds they had now succeeded in removing. They put the whole thing in a plastic bag and then on the scale. The picture just showed the scale with the bag on it and three or four pairs of legs standing around it. Someone said from the background, How much is it? One of the people by the scale said Sixty-nine pounds. I think someone else kind of echoed, Wow, sixty-nine pounds. And then one member of the medical staff said, clearly audible from out of frame, Sixty-nine, dude!!!

I know, what awfully bad taste. But bwahahahahaha!!!! zomg rotfl :-D

I bet any Norwegian person reading this can guess which channel this documentary was shown on. >:-)

In other news, I watched Psychoville on Friday night. Finally had the time to hog Anne Ida's TV set for three hours. :-) We really enjoyed it, it was great ... we were impressed with the guys, they'd done a fantastic job. At least that's what we thought up until the ending, which was ... disappointing. Unfortunately. I really hope they will make a second series and 'save' it that way.


Paz said...

thats almost 5 stone, they basically removed a 9 year old boy worth of fat from him :-O omfg

Leisha Camden said...

I know ... !! It was pretty grotesque. In some ways I felt bad for the kid, because he was really very unhappy, but at the same time, seriously, you don't get that way overnight. But the real problem was his mother, she had been overfeeding him till he got to 800 pounds, IMO he should have been taken into care years ago, she was so obviously an unfit mother. She had some severe emotional problems that she really needed to get rid of before she could care for a child/young adult like her son. And she had created some serious emotional problems in the boy, too ... enough so that I doubt that he will ever be able to live a normal life. So all in all it was a grotesque and sad sight. But then when someone made this joke I just had to laugh anyway. :-)