Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look what I've got!!

This arrived in the mail from England today. Thank you so much, James!!! I wasn't going to blog about it, but after I read your letter I just had to. ;-) Thank you, I really appreciate it, so much. I can't wait to watch it. If only I could!! >:-( Stupid Canal Digital. I may have convinced them that there is a real problem now, though, but of course these things take forever to fix. Here's hoping. In the meantime, hm, maybe I have a friend or two who wouldn't mind watching this and who has a DVD player that actually works ... ?

Thanks again, James!! I'll email you tomorrow. ;-)


James said...

Phew, glad it's finally got to you! I checked the post office receipt yesterday and I sent it on the 22nd of September. Royal Mail certainly haven't improved at all lately. No doubt my leaving them last year didn't help...

As for all of your problems with your telly and DVD player, I suddenly felt like a right bastard for sending you a DVD until I checked the date of the blog you wrote about all of the cock-ups. That was on the 25th of September, so I was relieved to see that I hadn't been a completely insensitive heel by sending you a DVD you couldn't possibly watch!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the show once you're actually able to watch it.

"Mum, I did a bad murder..."

Paz said...

Nice, if all else fails you can watch it on you laptop/computer

Leisha Camden said...

James, you're right, this delay is all your fault!! If you'd still been there they would have managed to get it here in half the time. Or, probably not ... ;-)

I'll watch the show asap - now I can even watch it at home, I think, even though it'd be great to watch it on a TV with a bigger screen than mine - and I'll review it for you once I have. :-) Thank you, again, it's a great present. :-)

As for all the problems with the player and so on, well, you couldn't have known this would happen. :-D

Paz, yes, I could watch on the laptop, but I really hate watching things like that on a computer screen. Don't know why but it just isn't the same ...