Thursday, May 15, 2008

IRELAND 2008: Dustin the Turkey - Irelande Douze Pointe

Don't think I'll say too much about this song. I've been seriously slammed for speaking my mind about it already. ;-) I just would like someone to explain to me - because no one has been able to so far - exactly who it is who's going to vote for this. Sure, he's big in Ireland, but Ireland can't vote for him. Where else is he known to the extent that it will bring him votes? If someone reads this and can explain it, please do!!

The song itself is catchy enough. I just don't like these shamelessly sycophantic songs that have been popping up last year. The UK had one last year, crashed and burned ... Lithuania did pretty well with theirs in 2006. (Shouldn't have, because that song really was utter crap.) But I've never seen any charm in them.

My personal opinion: This is ridiculous, an embarrassingly infantile protest against the simple reality that Europe has not liked the Irish offerings of recent years. It will get some votes though '.. Westerners will vote for it because they may think it's funny, because many of them will be more or less drunk ... but I can't see it going down well in the East. I think many Eastern Europeans will be offended by this, as they themselves take the contest very seriously. In which case the song has no chance, because both sides have to like a song in order for it to win.

It will certainly be interesting!! :-)

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