Friday, January 2, 2009

Some New Year's resolutions

Well, it's traditional. And what a great source of guilt at the end of every year when you realize how badly you've failed to live up to your grandiose plans from early January ... ;-)

But maybe it'll be different this year. Don't you roll your eyes at me!! :-o I'm at least going to make the effort. By sharing some of my resolutions here on the blog, maybe I'll get a little bit of help ... maybe someone will, ahem, remind me if I'm slacking too obviously. Feel free, really. And for some of these I can use the blog as a helpful resolution-keeping aid ... by blogging about how I've done what I've supposedly resolved to do. Sometimes with pictures. :-)

And now - a selection of my New Year's resolutions for 2009. Ahem.

I've been incredibly bad at writing letters this past year. Awfully, horribly, hopelessly bad. This year I'm going to send out one letter or card to one of my friends every week. James, you're first on the list! :-) I've already bought a box of really beautiful double cards with envelopes that I'm going to start with.

I'm going to be a little more creative this year, and that means that I'm going to make at least one artsy item of some kind every month. This actually really worked in 2007 ... I just totally let it slide in 2008. Shame on me. But now I'll definitely be doing it, and posting pictures of the results, too. :-)

I'm going to go on vacation to some interesting place. At the moment it looks like that interesting place will be Carcassonne, France. But we'll see. :-)

I'm going to do something new every month. Something I normally wouldn't do, or something I've never done before. Visit a place I haven't been to before. I'm going to try out a new dinner recipe every month - I got a new cookbook for Christmas, and I also bought one for myself while Christmas shopping in December, so there's no excuse. :-)

Some BookCrossing projects for 2009:

I'm going to read at least 20 nonfiction books. Learn something new. :-)

I'm going to register at least one book every day, provided of course that I've got the chance to (ie, this won't apply if I'm off somewhere with no internet access).

I'm going to wild release at least one book every week. Only wild releases count.

I'm going to read ... or at least try to ... one book from the 1001 list every month. Or more, obviously. :-)

I'm going to send a book to, or wild release a book in, a country that no book of mine has ever been to before. :-) Only books that I've registered myself count.

I'm not going to join a new bookring or bookray (what are they?? I'll be blogging about that one of these days :-) unless I've first sent a finished one off. We'll see about this one ... but I really need to make a dent in that list of rings & rays.

I'm going to get soo much more efficient about journalling books after I've read them. Seriously, I need a kick in the butt on this one. I am slow. :-(

Some blogging resolutions ... ?

I'm going to try to post more pictures of Oslo this year. Maybe a monthly post about something interesting around here. Show off my city a bit. :-)

I'm going to update my LiveJournal a little bit more frequently. *cough* That'll be pretty easy, I guess. Shame on me. Feelings of guilt, I haz dem. But in 2009, that will all change. Maybe I can manage to post a little something once a week ... ?

I'm going to continue with daily updates and quotes of the week on Sundays. But maybe I should start another weekly series kind of thing. Keanupic of the week ... ?? ;-)

Mmm, Keanupics ...


kccat said...

You make me laugh with the pics of your man.

Great resolutions. Good luck with them.

Leisha Camden said...

Hm, maybe I really should try to make you laugh once a week, then. Out of the goodness of my heart, you understand ...

Thanks for wishing me luck, I may need it ... :-)