Wednesday, June 8, 2011

'The Boy Next Door'

I'm sure nobody remembers this, but a few months ago I had a book on one of my Books I've Read lists that was a debut novel by a Zimbabwean author. The Boy Next Door by Irene Sabatini. This book was really impressive considering it was by a debuting author. I would never have guessed that if I hadn't known it. It's a really wonderful literary work. I came across it accidentally when I read a special on new African literature in a newspaper this winter. I immediately wanted to read it and reserved it at the library the first chance I got. Yeah, that one too. :-) I love the library website. :-)

Anyway ... it's a great book and I really recommend it. It even inspired me to write to the author - she has a contact form on her website, which is here. I just sent a short email telling her that I had just read her book and I'd enjoyed it tremendously. She wrote me back, which was really nice of her. I didn't write anything that needed a response, but she still took the time to write and say thank you; I appreciate that. She genuinely deserved every word of praise I wrote. :-)

Some more of my thoughts on the book are in this video. I really recommend it. The book, obviously. ;-)

Widescreen here.

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