Sunday, June 26, 2011


So, today was supposed to be a wonderful sunny day, and I had planned to spend it on fun and enjoyable activities - a hike in the woods, taking the turtles out in the sun, etc. Well, it was wonderful and sunny (supposedly the last sunny day for a while, which is just my luck) but I didn't get to go hiking. I had to go to the ER and then to the pharmacy on Railway Square to pick up my antibiotics. o_O

Because, guess what, I have acute conjunctivitis. It started up yesterday, but was more awkward than painful then, and I was hoping to sleep it off. But this morning I wasn't any better, I was much much worse. I'm not too great now either - it feels like my eyes are full of sand - but at least I'm taking the meds and can hope for an improvement relatively soon. And I look a little better now ... because I also have closed tear ducts, so my face has swelled up. This morning I looked deformed, it was awful.

It made me regret prying my eyes open with my fingers so that I could see a little.

Ouch. :-(

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Tanumine said...

OMG! Get well soon! Many hugs!