Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding photos

So, the wedding went off without a hitch yesterday in the most perfect summer weather you can imagine. Everything went perfectly, it really couldn't have been better. A wonderful day. Of course I took umpteen pictures. Crazy but true: My parents got back this morning from their trip to Africa. I was still at their house (had actually only just woken up ;-) so I got to see the various souvenirs they'd bought, and a bunch of presents for me too, and all the pictures they'd taken. Of course there were quite a lot of them ... and some were really great, I may post some of them later ... but still, in my world, astonishingly few. My father bought a new camera especially for this trip, with a 16gb memory card. They were in Africa for two whole weeks, they went to three national parks and the island of Zanzibar. And he has taken about 470 pictures. :-o

I took 522 pictures yesterday. o_O

But of course I had to take as many as I possibly could because this was a once in a lifetime chance ... ! I mean, who can argue with that. And whatever the occasion, I like to take a lot of pictures, because you never can tell which shots will be good, so it's best to take lots and lots and be sure to end up with some that are really good. That's my policy. It's rarely steered me wrong. And it worked out very well this time too. ;-)

Some glimpses of this very special day ...

Tanumine was so busy that she hardly had time to be nervous. Look how beautiful she was!

And how happy ... ! :-D

As well she should be, of course. :-)

The photo session was at Asker Museum. I'd never been there before (shocking, I know! I'm appalled at myself!) but it's soo beautiful there. And especially in this amazing weather.

The dinner was absolutely delicious. Maybe especially the dessert. ;-) It tasted yummy, but it also looked so fantastic. Strawberry soup ... ! :-D

I was totally happy too of course. Just to see them get married and celebrate it with them was wonderful, but also that everything went so perfectly that it really couldn't have been better.

All in all a perfect day. Everyone agreed. :-)



Elin said...

Gratulerer Tanumine! NYDELIG brud!

Leisha Camden said...

Ja, ikke sant! Hun så enda bedre ut i virkeligheten enn på bildene, dessuten. Kjolen var så kjempeflott og kledde henne fantastisk godt. Syntes jeg. :-)