Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A personal annoyance

I really shouldn't be complaining about my working conditions, considering how many people are suffering as practically slaves or indentured labor in horrific conditions around the world. But what are you gonna do, everybody's got their own problems. Alle tenker på sitt, as we say in Norwegian.

I've been under the weather for quite a while now ... I had a really bad cold and although I've mostly recovered, I've got a cough that just won't quit. Well, it is fading, but extremely slowly. It was a really nasty cough for weeks and weeks, now it's not so much a cough anymore as a ... growl. It's like I've got something stuck in my throat that I just can't get rid of, and I can't stop clearing my throat, it's incredibly annoying. Although I'm sure it's not half as annoying to keep doing it as it is having to listen to it.

Apologies to everyone I'm annoying with this, but I really can't help it. In the words of the great Jane, I don't cough for my own amusement.

Anyway ... I am improving, but very slowly. I do still get coughing fits, but at least now it's not that dry coughing that is just the absolute worst. I hate that. Now at least there's something to cough up, if you'll pardon the image. And I am getting better. But.

This is what's annoying me and it's been really noticeable over the past few days. This weekend, especially on Sunday, I actually did get quite a lot better. On Sunday night I felt almost fine. I was dreading going in to work, because for some reason it is SO COLD in the store ... ! In the warehouse it's nice and warm, in the open plan office area the temperature's good too, but in two places it's really annoyingly cold: the store and the cafeteria. The two places where I spend any time worth mentioning. The latter is just cool, but the former is actually chilly. The others are bothered by it too ... when I got to work last Wednesday it was really awful, and I said to S. that sheesh, it's really cold here today. He showed me his arms, he had goosebumps all over them. Sure, other people have bigger problems, but it really isn't very pleasant to have to work all day in a space that is uncomfortably chilly.

And it's bad for me ... my throat got worse after just a few hours at work yesterday. Now I'm back to how I was last week. I also think the temperature in that place is part of why I've been having headaches the last few months, because I keep tensing the muscles in my shoulders and neck, and that's seriously not a good idea. But I can't help it. Cold is bad. :-(

Sure, our inclement climate is responsible for our wonderful culture and great society, so I shouldn't knock it. But this is indoors, and it's June ... ! Should we really have to wear woolen jackets to keep warm indoors in a working environment in June?

Good thing we have those woolen jackets in stock, at least. >:-(


Paz said...

bad enough work sucks when your not feeling well.

Leisha Camden said...

I know, totally ... but what if it's the workplace that makes you feel unwell, that's a tricky one ... o_O