Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to the snow

So, I'm back home from my trip to Poland. It was a great, what ... minibreak ... type of thing. Warsaw is a great city to visit, there's lots to see and do, delicious cheap food and great shopping. We could easily have spent much more time there. But, alas, our alloted time came to an end. Now I'm home again and have been spending my time mainly on looking through all my hundreds of pictures ... :-)

One of which you can see below. Norwegians, look at it ... !! I seriously saw flowers down there on that continent place. There wasn't so much as a speck of snow anywhere and I saw both crocus and snowdrops. And then this afternoon I came back to our 3-4 feet of snow. F***.

More later ... ;-)


Paz said...

flowers here on the western edge of Europe, no snow and surprisingly no rain ;)

Leisha Camden said...

Bah humbug!!

Paz said...

glad you enjoyed Poland, good to get away on those little breaks.
Bah Humbug yourself :D

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, it was nice to get away and see a new place. Especially such a nice one. :-)

In my previous comment I was referring to your apparent need to rub salt in my snow-infested wound with your talk of spring and flowers ... bah. >:-(

Paz said...

Tho' for us to see flowers and sunshine being the eternal optimist's we know that its going to be a sh1t Summer here!!!

Leisha Camden said...


kccat said...

That stinks. At least you got a taste of spring while you were away. Speaking of snow, I think I jinxed us here in Ohio. We are supposed to see flurries today :(

James said...
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James said...

Welcome back.

Just to let you and your readers know that the package you sent arrived last week (just in time for you to leave on your trip).

The calendar's on the wall, most of the choccie has ... er ... gone somewhere (not quite sure what could possibly have happened to it, though) and the letter has been thoroughly read and re-read.

The book has so far not been read, though, and I haven't got around to listening to the CD. Due to the fact that I've been doing too much bloody overtime at bloody work. Not sure how anyone can stand being cooped up indoors all day. I know I can't! And to top it all, I get badly dehydrated most days which prevents me from doing much beyond drinking plenty of fluids and passing various other fluids via certain parts of my anatomy (which I will avoid mentioning here) once I do finally get home. But dehydration's truly a curse, not helped by working with a bunch of lily-livered sissies who insist on having the heating on and the windows closed all bloody day!

But as I was saying, the package arrived safely, thankyouverymuch.

As usual, my plans for Japan have fallen apart and I'm now faced with the task of figuring out what the hell to do in between more overtime on Friday and Saturday and my final preparations on Sunday. Not sure why I even bother going to Japan... This always happens.

But I'm looking forward to it anyway.

Postcard to follow...

Leisha Camden said...

kccat: I'm sorry to hear that you may be getting snow again ... !! Your pretty flowers! :-( I hope they survive. Around here we've had really great weather today, nothing but sun all day long ... with a few more days of this, maybe we can start making a dent in all this white stuff. :-)

James: I'm glad the package arrived safely - see, I promised you I'd send it. A mystery where that chocolate went though. I can't account for it. o_O Overtime sucks, but at the same time, you do need the money, right ... ? So ... what can you do.

Your plans for Japan have fallen apart - but you're still going, right? I want my postcard ... !!! Bwaaah ... !!

Anonymous said...

Living in the same snow as you, this day I saw the first signs of spring: (And I have to say this in Norwegian)
Gåsunger and long hassel-rakler.

"Gåsunger" is the flowers on the types of willow, "hassel-rakler" has to do with the beginning of nuts.

We may be heading rapidly towards a very rare type of spring: Winter one day, spring the next, and summer the third. There is no ice in the ground, so it will just fall to pieces.

Too bad, seen from the pow of a passionate cross country skier.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and glad you got to see some flowers and enjoy yourself a bit!

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, Margo - I actually enjoyed myself a lot :-D and it was so great to see some flowers too. Finally. I am sooo sick of all this snow now, I can't even tell you ... I want spring ... !

But, as raagraaum indicates, it may not be that far away!? :-) Aw, you've seen pussy willows! I haven't seen any yet ... which I guess is a sign that I need to get out in nature more at this time of year ... but, alas, I am not a passionate cross country skier ... ;-)

I don't think you can complain about this winter though, when it comes to skiing. You people ;-) have had plenty of time to enjoy yourselves now, I'd say. :-)