Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy birthday to my mother!! :-)

My mother is 66 years old today. :-) My father, although he's feeling very low with the flu, poor fellow, took her and me out for dinner (and then he took her to a show, but not me as I didn't really want to see it so it seemed a waste of money to bring me :-). We had a very nice meal at Eataly at Aker Brygge (a place I recommend if you're looking for a decent Italian restaurant downtown, where the prices actually aren't very high at all, despite the location). I had strict instructions not to bring a present, so I didn't ... although I was very tempted, on Wednesday, to buy a huge soft toy cow for her at Åhlens (she has mad cow disease ... ;-) but I didn't. I do too have self-control. ;-) It was a very nice meal though, and good to spend some time together.

Here's a picture my father took of the two of us. Check out my Katzenjammer t-shirt. :-D

Gratulerer med dagen, mamma!! Jeg er kjempeglad i deg ... ! og jeg gleder meg masse til turen vår neste helg. :-)

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