Friday, March 5, 2010

A favorite movie

I wonder if anyone reading this will have seen or even heard of this movie? :-)

It's one of my favorites, anyway. I saw it at a screening here in Oslo during the annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival ... they often have good movies there so I like to go if I get the chance. Independent movies usually, and sometimes from, well, unusual countries. Not just the standard Hollywood trash and semi-trash. ;-) I remember my friend Calyx and I went to see this movie, because ... no, I don't remember that. :-) It was my suggestion that we go and I must have thought it sounded interesting. Which it does, of course. :-) We'd never heard about it before then, either of us, I don't think. I'm hazy on the details though because it was so long ago ... this must have been in 1998 or 1999. o_O

Anyway. I got the tickets and we went to see the first screening. And we just totally loved it. It was just fantastic, so sweet and funny and charming. Great actors and some wonderful lines and scenes. I just loved watching it. And Calyx ... !! :-D She is so funny when she's watching a movie she's really into, she practically jumps around in her seat, it's hilarious. :-) We both agreed that it was a brilliant movie and that we were so happy that we'd gone. The next day Calyx called me and asked what was I doing tomorrow after work? Because she had two tickets to the second screening of the same movie and would I like to go? :-D Of course I did! And it was just as good the second time. :-) Some movies are like that ... but it's very rare for me to go back to see a movie twice in the same week. :-)

Anyway. A couple of years later I got the movie on tape, which I still have ... but my VCR is broken and has been since forever, so that's not really helpful. It's annoying though, because sometimes I've been thinking that I would just absolutely love the chance to see that movie again. But it's not available anywhere around here, in fact I've never seen it in any store anywhere on the planet that I've been. Not that I've looked for it especially. :-) But still. When I was in London last month I asked in a DVD store, but they said that it's out of print, or whatever the equivalent is for movies. Pretty unbelievable for a fantastic movie like that, which everyone ought to see. >:-( Anyway, that was sad news, but as always, eBay is my friend. :-)

Most of the copies on there are insanely expensive though. They're like $45 for one DVD. o_O So I'm right, it should be more widely available, there is a market for it! Oh, why doesn't everyone just listen to me and do as I say. ;-) I found a reasonably priced copy though, right after I got back from England and, hooray, today it arrived. I can't wait to watch it. I wonder if it'll be as good as I remember. I haven't seen it for years now. Fingers crossed. :-)

My copy has a different cover, not the one below, which is kind of a bummer, because this is the artwork I totally associate with this movie. But you can't have it all. Get Real. :-)

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