Thursday, March 4, 2010

There's pros and cons to everything

I work with almost only men - in fact, for all practical purposes you could just as well remove the 'almost'. There are about 35 people working here at the Oslo branch right now - eight work for the mother company and the rest for the three daughter companies - and the only woman except me is the sales secretary at one of the daughter companies whom hardly anyone ever sees. She sits in her cubicle almost all the time and doesn't even eat her lunch in the cafeteria with the rest of us ... she just goes in and gets some food and then eats it at her desk in her cubicle. o_O Sometimes a whole week will pass and I'll barely even see her, or maybe not see her at all even once. So she doesn't have what you might call an intrusive presence.

Anyway ... it's me and a whole bunch of guys here. I'm on the shop floor so anyone can see me all the time. :-) Most of the customers are men too, to the extent that if we had one female customer a week for the next month we'd probably all be wondering what's with the rush of estrogen around here. ;-) This doesn't bother me at all ... in fact, I prefer it. I absolutely prefer working with all men or mostly men. What they call a female dominated workplace I think would seriously get on my nerves. I've worked a place with about half and half men and women and that's probably my tolerance limit. I know some women will freak out a bit at the thought of working as the only woman among three dozen men ... but I think it's great, I've never had any problems with it.

Except that if I worked with only women, it'd probably not be very likely that anyone would spit their snus into the sink in the ground floor toilet.

Yuck. :-)


Paz said...

ITA, disgusting the snus thing, not a nice thing to see in the sink. In my last job women out numbered men, my current job is male dominated and I prefer it that way. Part of the reason I left my last job was an irrational female boss and the constant talk of babies/ manbastards/ tv soaps/ shopping etc, often in the middle of morning meetings. I often got up to leave meetings as I thought they were over, when the discussion turned to Desperate Housewives etc, only to get told to sit down, when I asked if the meeting could stay on topic I was told that was part of bonding!!
I love woman and love to talk and flirt with them, even married one of these creatures ;), but the idea of being stuck in a cube farm with them again is horrifying, I can now have an argument with a bloke at work where 'fucks' can be flying back and forth and afterwards we can still go to lunch, once its over, its over, it is not brought up two months down the line at a meeting. Tho' agree some men can be disgusting and pigs to work with.
sorry for the lenght

AudiX78 said...

still in this day and age I wouldn't be surprised if I founf snus in the sink even if I worked with all women... so many women have started growing huge upper lips and not because of botox