Sunday, March 21, 2010

Millennium, oh yeah

So, the first episode last night was just as good as I'd hoped. Everything from the movie is still there, plus something like 20 minutes of new scenes which give new depth to several things in the story, especially the relationship between Mikael and Erika. Now I don't want to wait a whole week to see the next episode ... !! :-D

In the meantime, Hollywood, like the leeches that they are, have of course latched on to the Millennium series as well and several so-called talents are reportedly hard at work on an American version. Yes, because god forbid that American audiences should have to actually read subtitles. Sheesh. Anne Ida and I (I went to her house to see the show because her TV is bigger than mine ;-) found a couple of articles online, one of them mentioned several big names that supposedly are interested in the project. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are the two that I remember. Sheesh, not Pitt!! That'll mean that the whole thing will become completely American. So it probably won't be very good, because a huge part of its appeal is that it isn't American, as far as I'm concerned. Anyway.

I've been hearing a lot of rumors about Kristen Stewart taking on the Lisbeth Salander role. That's gonna suck hard. I mean, she does have the right body type for it, but, you know, she can't act for shit. So that's definitely not a choice I'd be happy with. The article I read last night mentioned Carey Mulligan, though - that might actually work. At least she's a really good actress, that's at least a place to start.

I don't know who'd be really good as Salander anyway ... but I had a brainstorm last night and realized who I'd prefer as Blomkvist. David Duchovny. Seriously, he'd be great. I think he'd be just right. Now why won't everyone just listen to me ... !! :-)

Anne Ida: They're actually almost exactly the same age, they'll both be 50 this year, Duchovny's three months older. :-) So if Nyqvist can do it, Duchovny can too. ;-)

Update March 22nd:
Here's a thought: Duchovny as Blomkvist, and Robin Tunney as Salander??


Anne Ida said...

Ok, ok! I cave in ;o) Duchovny has aged a bit since last I saw him. So yeah, he would definitely do as Mikael! Think there's somewhere we can submit the suggestion????

Paz said...

you see the LOL celebs? there are some comparisons to another hollywood star that features here ;P

Elie said...

So what is the deal? Are the series just the movies, extended with new material? I agree for Duchovny-he ages like good old wine :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Anne Ida: I wish!! :-D But of course no one listens to us, and they'll pick someone awful and it'll totally suck. Isn't that usually how it goes? :-D

Paz: some good ones in there, I hadn't seen most of them before, thanks. My favorites are the one that says K.S. is the love child of Keanu and a sloth, and the one that says she has no talent, no personality, etc, and more money than any of us will ever have ... ;-)

Elie: yeah, the TV series is an expanded version of the movies. Originally the last two books were supposed to become TV movies for SVT, but when the first one became such a monster hit Yellow Bird Productions really wanted to make real movie movies :-) out of the last two as well. SVT resisted the idea for a while but gave in eventually, conditional on the creation of a TV series version to be made for them and broadcast after all the movies had more or less finished in theaters. So it's the same, but even better. :-)

DES said...

Clea DuVall

Leisha Camden said...

No, absolutely not DuVall. She would be totally wrong for this part. Just ... wrong. Plus she's like eight feet tall, that'd be wrong too. o_O