Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who will it be??

This year's ESC presenters will be revealed in 15 minutes. Nervousness! I'm pretty sure they'll have chosen someone more or less cringeworthy. All I can say is please not Fredrik Skavlan ... !!! He will embarrass the nation with his smarmy manner and abysmal English. Whichever woman they put up there with him will be unable to overpower him. Even Thomas Numme & Harald Rønneberg would be better ... although I dearly hope it won't be them, and I don't think it will be, because it's such an ingrained tradition to have a one man, one woman team as presenters. Fortunately, maybe.

Who would I like to see? Ingerid Stenvold would be good, or Marte Stokstad. Stokstad definitely has the enthusiasm for the project. Either one of them, and ... Jon Almaas? ;-) He's host of the Norwegian edition of Have I Got News For You ... he's very funny and very pretty. Maybe too funny though - this is a serious project. ;-) The weird thing is that I had the perfect set of presenters in my head the other day, but now I've completely forgotten about it again. It was either Stenvold or Stokstad, and ... some guy. Not Stian Barsnes Simonsen, definitely not. I don't know why people keep saying he's done such a great job presenting our national final. I think he's done a shitty job. It was some other guy, and it was perfect ... so perfect that I guess I may have only dreamed it. o_O Well, we'll all know it soon enough.

Update 3:15pm:

Haddy N'Jie - yes! An original choice. She's great, I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job.
Nadia Hasnaoui - um, yes, OK. As unoriginal a choice as possible, so that makes up for the creativity of the first choice, I guess. o_O She's an old horse and will do a very professional job, but, well, it's not a very exciting choice.
And finally, Erik Solbakken. Oookay ... I guess he's a pro too, but this is going to be a show for grownups, right? ;-)

Yay for multiculturalism, I guess. A concept I am not sold on. But I'm happy happy that Skavlan is not going to be a part of it. ;-)

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