Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More arts & crafts

Some more pictures of my artful creations. :-) All of this is for Swap-bot. Sheesh, I need to make some stuff for my friends. Anyone need a new bookmark? :-) For some reason, most of my friends are born in autumn and early winter, I think. Well, Calyx's birthday is in mid-February, but I found something really nice for her at Friends. :-)

Anyway. Some inchies. This was open theme, but I tried to make some that fit the recipients likes and interests, as she'd described them in her profile. The flower is an outline sticker that I filled up with glitter using a glue pen. Panduro has a set of glitter in their new winter/spring catalog - 15 different colors - I just had to get it, and I'm wracking my brain trying to think of new things to do with it all. :-)

A bookmark ... made for someone who likes butterflies. :-) Made with monochrome cardstock, patterned deco paper and some laser cut paper butterflies. I love those laser cutouts. I hope the bookmark won't get damaged too easily if/when the recipient uses it, which of course I hope she will.

I've started making postcards using my own photos ... in a more direct way than I've been doing so far. I just get some good quality prints from my local photography store, write whatever I want to say on the back, and then when I'm done, laminate them. Yes, I have a laminator. Don't you??

More inchies. Free theme again, tried to fit recipient's interests again ... she says she likes turtles a lot, so that's why Raphael's in there. :-) These are actually fridge magnets, although that doesn't really show.

I joined this one swap last month which I wanted to try as kind of a challenge to myself ... all the participants were supposed to make a butterfly out of metal wire and glass beads. I had never tried anything like that and didn't know how to do it, but hey, Google is my friend, right? This is what I came up with ... it hasn't arrived yet, so I don't know if the recipient likes it or not, but fingers crossed. I used her favorite colors, at least. The pen is just for scale.

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