Sunday, March 14, 2010

Muslim bullies

A couple of days ago I posted about how it makes no sense to be worried about Muslims being oppressed in Europe and at the same time wanting less anti-Semitism here ... because if you want to keep anti-Semitism down, the most important thing to do is to oppress the Muslims. That's just reality, like it or not.

Right now I'm watching the Daily Review on Sunday, and the second story is about bullying of Jewish students in Norwegian schools. An anonymous mother of a Jewish boy was interviewed and talked about how her son has gotten death threats and is being verbally and physically abused. And he is far from the only one; these are apparently common experiences for Jewish students. The report said that - and I think that this is the worst part of all, this is so bad that if it's true the students responsible should be permanently suspended from their schools - some Jewish students have had yellow stars, cut out of paper, stuck to their backpacks or jackets. I'm guessing Post-Its - they come ready to stick on, just cut out into a star shape! Creepily enough, they already come in star-shaped pads ... but five-pointed stars, so not usable for this purpose, fortunately. Sheesh.

OK, I'm joking about it, but seriously, it's not a joking matter. It makes me furious hearing this - furious and a little frightened, to be honest. Those fucking brats who are doing this, if I could see them getting the shit beaten out of them I would just laugh. Which is mean, I know, but seriously, sticking yellow stars on Jewish children? My instinct is that if you do that you hardly deserve to live. Scum of the earth.

Back on track ... there's a lot of bullying of Jewish children in Norwegian schools - or rather schools in Oslo, I would guess, since I don't think there are many Jews in the rest of the country (we lost a lot of Jews during WWII), and certainly there's nowhere near as many Muslims. Because of course it's the Muslim students who are tormenting the Jews. See?? That's what they do!! We do not need to allow the Muslims to be more free to express their beliefs - we need to suppress their beliefs - because this is what comes of it!! The religion of peace my shiny metal ass. The news report said that nothing is really done about this; teachers do nothing and principals do the same. The mother who was interviewed said that when her son received death threats she went to his teachers and they basically shrugged and said shit happens. Just walk it off. I so feel for her - what does a mother do in that situation? :-(

What we as a country need to do, though, is obvious - we need to address the problem here. Yes, we need to do something about its effects, like the torture this boy and others are suffering (ie, stomp hard on the fucking scumbags who are doing this), but that's never going to solve anything unless we really talk about the problem itself. And the problem is Islam.

The news report ended with an interview with Secretary of the Department of Education, Kristin Halvorsen. She was of course aghast and steps will be taken. The reporter brought up how she herself has called for a boycott of Israel and heavily criticized Israeli politics, and didn't she feel partly responsible for Jewish students being treated with prejudice because of her widely publicized statements on these issues? She denied this absolutely - very understandable, she could hardly do anything else regardless of the facts. But this time the fact is that she is right, this has nothing to do with what she says or what any other politician says or doesn't say. Because this is about Islam. Why do Muslims - maybe not all of them, but a hell of a lot of them - despise Jews, and persecute them if they get the chance to? Because that's what Islam teaches. I am SO FUCKING SICK of this constant pussyfooting around religion. Oh, we have to be respectful, we have to be sensitive to these deeply held beliefs that people have. NO!!! We don't have to show respect or sensitivity or any of that shit. Islam is full of evil crap. Christianity is full of evil crap. Judaism is full of evil racist crap. OK, Islam is really racist too. We need to call all theists on all the crap and BS and evilness in their faiths - that is the only way to actually solve these problems. You wouldn't respect the KKK for their deeply held beliefs, so why should you respect Islam? Respecting religions to the point where we can't even discuss all the negative impact they're having on our society means that we can only ever address the symptoms, not the disease. Seriously. You don't treat cancer with band-aids and Tylenol.


Lina said...

Well I'm nneither jewish or muslim but I don't think the issue is that simple. Jews and muslims do generally hate each other and a lot of that it due to religion. But you can't say that Muslim hates jews but jews don't hate muslims. Just look at Palestie and Israel. There Jews have the Muslims in camps and keep killing them off like cattle.
As far as I can see this issue is so deeply roted these days that you can't any longer blame the individual. So yeah I agree what's happening to the Jews students in Norway and Sweden is horrible but so is what's happening to the Muslims in Palestine (and a lot more of them is dying). I've been to Palestine and things are far worse then what we see on tv, trust me. So yeah I'm afraid the Jews don't really come out shotfree on this one. After all there is 2 religions involved and they are both screwing up big time!

Leisha Camden said...

First of all, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts. :-)

As for what you're saying ... yes and no. In the Middle East the problem is double sided, I agree. They're both as bad as the other down there. But in the issue I'm talking about in this post, there is only one side. The Muslim students are bullying the Jewish students. Full stop. There's no interplay here like there is in the Middle East. There aren't two religions involved in these problems in Oslo schools, there's only one. This is hatred and evil spewing from one group to another group which has done nothing except be born into their particular ethnic group. And you kind of make my point for me, too. Namely as follows:

The Israel/Palestine conflict is NOT the reason why Muslim students torment Jewish students in Oslo schools. The reason is the Q'uran and the teachings of 'Norwegian' imams in mosques right here in Oslo. The Middle East isn't the problem in this particular situation, Islam itself is the problem.

And I totally disagree that we can no longer blame the individual. Everyone has some shit in their lives, everyone has something to deal with, but we still all make our own choices. That whole attitude that individuals are not accountable is a huge part of the general problems we're having with immigrants here in Scandinavia. This doesn't have anything to do with Palestine. Seriously, it doesn't - it's so dangerous to think that it does. That blinds you to what is in fact the true teachings of Islam. Hatred of Jews is a huge part of Islam, and we really need to stop turning a blind eye to that fact.

Paz said...

great post,missed it earlier somehow, too much to get into this late at night and I will be offline for a few days.
There is too much bigotry in the world and some of the problems worldwide is that immigrants often will not integrate into countries/communities, and people are still blinded by crazy beliefs and stupid generalisations.