Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sometimes ...

... bad things happen to good movies. :-( It looks like that's happening right now to En helt vanlig dag på jobben ... going by what I've been reading in the papers these past few days, it's bombing big time. That's really too bad. It doesn't deserve to ... it's a good and interesting movie. Findabair and I went to see it on Saturday. We were pleasantly surprised. :-) I've read the book as well and I have to say that it's much worse ... it goes into detail about working methods at a certain disgusting gossip rag much much more than the movie does. The movie is more focused on certain events than the book is. But what else is new, movies are always different from the books they're based on. Don't judge a book by its movie, and so on. ;-)

Anyway ... I thought this movie was creative, original and interesting. Well acted and the settings convincingly recreated. If you've been thinking that it sounds like something you might like to see, then go see it, it's good. You may not have the chance for very long. :-( I have to say that although it does have a number of point in its favor, it's worth seeing for Ingar Helge Gimle's performance alone. He brings Sven O. Høiby back to life, it's astonishing. This isn't the kind of movie that gets Amandas, I don't think, but if it wasn't for that I'd be willing to bet on a Best Supporting Actor award somewhere in Gimle's near future. It's the performance of his life. Don't miss it. :-)

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