Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Enron' @ Det Norske Teater

Strange as it may seem, today's post is actually not going to be about the Eurovision Song Contest. I know, shocker!! Tonight was the first quarter final of our national contest, but believe it or not, I didn't watch it. :-o KAS and trilltrall and I had theater tickets ... I got them at a reduced price, but the dates available were limited, and because they live out in the boondocks now ;-) we kind of had to go on a Saturday. So it was tonight or next Saturday, and the first quarter final is basically always the worst, so ... there you go. I recorded it and will watch it tomorrow and post a review then. Of course. :-)

Anyway, the play was Enron by Lucy Prebble, it opened yesterday and will run till at least the middle of March. Today's post is a recommendation - you should go see it. It's gotten mixed reviews here, but we all thought it was great. The scenography was absolutely fantastic - as I expect from this theater. They are always very creative and clever on that score. The actors were great too - especially Mads Ousdal as Jeffrey Skilling. He is like a clone of his father, it's starting to get almost scary now as he's getting older. They have the exact same voice sometimes, it's kind of freaky. :-) But he does a great job in this role, that's the main thing. :-)

A very good production of an interesting play, you should go see it if you have the chance. :-)

Photo obviously not by me ... I got it from Dagbladet's online review here. I personally don't agree with that review ... but don't listen to me, or to the reviewer, go see for yourself. :-)

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