Monday, January 10, 2011

Keanu on TV

Yay for the internet. :-) Keanu was on the Graham Norton show on Friday. I of course couldn't watch it ... being in the wrong country and all. The show is on here too, but we're way behind. (I don't normally watch it, so I don't know how far behind.) I was really sorry to miss it ... I'm not exactly a fan of Norton's, but the times I've watched his show it's been pretty entertaining. And this time the lineup was really good ... Keanu of course, Marcus Brigstocke, who's really funny, and Emilia Fox. I love Emilia Fox. I haven't seen that much of her work - although what I have seen has been good - and I'm not really a fan of Silent Witness, which is on here on ... Friday nights, I think. It's a good show, don't get me wrong, I just never really got into it. But she played Georgiana Darcy on Pride and Prejudice, and she did it perfectly, so I'm a fan of hers forever regardless of what she gets up to now. :-)

But first and foremost, of course, Keanu was on the show. And because of the format of this show he would be there all the time, unlike a lot of other talk shows where they call the guests in one by one. So I really wanted to see this. And like I said, yay for the internet. You can see the entire episode here. Yay. It's good, I recommend it, it was fun to watch. Although I'm not sure I believe that Brigstocke has never eaten a McDonald's burger. ;-)

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