Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Another short and pointless post, alas. Mostly pointless, anyway. I'm feeling much better now - to the point where every entry I write in my diary will probably not mention snot for the rest of the week. (Sorry.) I definitely plan to go in to work tomorrow. My brain finally feels like it's working properly again, it's a huge relief. I've hardly been doing anything at all since Friday night, but pretty much everything I have done has been messed up and screwy. Like on Monday I was going to make myself some food ... I didn't feel like eating, had zero appetite, but I knew I had to eat something. So I figured I'd fry some chicken that I had in the fridge. Since my nose was all plugged up I couldn't taste much of anything, so I thought I'd better put some spices on the chicken pieces to make my dinner a little more interesting. OK, so I get a spice grater from the spice cabinet ... one that has this really tasty mix in it, goes great with chicken. I start grating but nothing comes out. WTF? I keep grating, maybe I held it at the wrong angle so nothing fell in the ... little knifey thing there. But changing the angle doesn't help, OK, grate some more ... But nothing comes out. o_O

At least not until THE LID of the grater falls off ... !! And falls into the pan, along with a shitload of newly grated spices. Note to self, etc. But at least I could taste my dinner. ;-)

Anyway ... I was stupid for four days, but now my intelligence has returned, I think. So maybe my posts will be a little more interesting again before too long. I will definitely write something about that report, v. soon.

In closing, happy birthday to my honorary niece K.! She is one year old today. I'm seriously tempted to post a picture of her, just to show you all how cute she is. But of course I won't do that, she's too little to understand about the internet, so I don't approve of that. But she is really adorable ... and I totally can't believe she is one already. o_O Congrats to Calyx and N., you guys have had quite a year. :-)


Calyx said...

Tusen takk på vegne av K! Hun holder oss i aktivitet om dagen, så vi fikk ikke lest bloggen din før nå. Det siste nye er at hun stikker fingrene i ørene og sier tittei :) Gleder oss til å treffes!
Klem fra Calyx og N

Leisha Camden said...

Ja, håper vi sees snart. Tittei! :-D