Thursday, January 6, 2011

'The Far Pavilions'

Does anyone remember this?

It was on TV here in Norway in ... I'm not sure, but it was produced in 1984, apparently, so it can't have been that much later. Mid-eighties. :-) It was called Flammer over India in Norwegian. Again, I'm not sure exactly when it was on, so I can't say how old I was when I saw it, but I must have been about ten. I don't remember that much of the plot, I just mainly remember that I LOVED it like crazy. It captured my imagination, as they say. Totally. In recent years I have been thinking every now and then that I would like to see it again.

The other day I went out to dinner with some friends and friends of friends, and after some hot chocolates at a literally pretty cool cafe, we went shopping at VideoNova which was right across the street. And guess what I found. :-) It was at a really good price too, only 200 crowns ... for the whole series which is what, several hours. I had to buy it. :-)

Now I don't know whether I'll dare to watch it. What if it's horrible? I'll ruin a treasured childhood memory. :-) Take a look below. It's not quite up to current standards, is it. ;-) But on the other hand, Chris Lee ... ! :-D

Widescreen here.

Have I read the book, you say? No ... I'm a little ashamed to say I haven't. I think I actually have a copy of it - and have had it for probably like two years, which is why I'm ashamed :-) - but I've never gotten around to reading it. Because it's about ten thousand pages. But we'll see. :-)


Paz said...

never saw it, hard to know whether to advise you to watch, some films I loved when I was a kid did not live up to what I had them built up to be ,when I was older

Leisha Camden said...

I know ... !! And then once you have watched them again, it's the second time you remember, so now you have the memory of them being shitty (and of you having lousy taste as a kid ;-) instead of the memory you used to have of the wonderful experience it was.

It's a dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leisha;
If you have not already watched "The Far Pavilions" again, please have no fear about watching it! Just last month (December, 2010) I read the book and watched the film, both for the first time, at age 50, and was entranced.
I hope that you enjoy it!
Best wishes,

Leisha Camden said...

Hi Randall! Nope, I didn't watch it yet, but now I feel rather reassured and will definitely do so soon. Thanks for commenting. I'll have to report back when I've seen it ... ! :-)