Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye winter

I am SO sick of winter now. It never ends! It started really early - sometime in October, if I remember correctly - and it still isn't over by a long shot even though we're now almost in the middle of March. Dagnabbit! I'm sick of it! This morning it was nice and sunny here in Oslo, and one might have been forgiven for hoping that the day would warm up and some of the snow would melt away. Alas! As the morning waned it clouded over and eventually started to snow ... something awful ... and by now we've had two more inches of snow here in the valley. At least. Maybe closer to two and a half. When will it end ... !!

For my part it will end tomorrow. At least for a little while. I'm going to Barcelona. Yay!! Goodbye snow!!! I'll be back on Monday night. I may be able to get online while I'm there and I may not. But in any case I will be getting away from the snow. Whee!! :-D

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Paz said...

Enjoy Barca its fantastic