Sunday, March 27, 2011

IRELAND 2011 - Lipstick

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this entry. o_O Is it really cool or is it a waste of space? It seems to be both. It starts out well, it seems to be catchy and it's a bit unusual. Like it may stand out a bit in the lineup this year. The first time I heard it I really liked it ... at least for about a minute.

The problem with this song, I think, is that it doesn't have anything worth mentioning in the way of distinction between verse and chorus. I mean, it's there, but you have to really focus to catch it. So it becomes like just this wall of sound and ... well ... just annoying. Not to offend any Irishmen who may randomly be reading this, I don't know ... this song just gets really old really fast. Even hearing it twice in May - assuming it gets through from the semi, which I'm not at all convinced it will - may be too much for some of the audience.

This could have been really good, but is in fact just annoying. Too bad for Ireland. :-( This may do well ... the young audiences down east may like it ... but I think that depends a lot on the presentation. Not too weird. :-) Their hair is perhaps weirdness enough. ;-)

I'm not a fan of this song. It gets on my nerves. It could have been fun, but it's mostly irritating. I kind of hope it doesn't get through from the semi. I'm sorry. But it gets on my nerves. All the more so since I suspect it could have been so much better.

Oh well. This is Jedward - identical twins, yes - performing Lipstick by Dan Priddy, Lars Halvor Jensen and Martin Larson. They will be competing for Ireland on Thursday, May 12th. They will be closing the show, which may work to their advantage. We'll see. I'm not convinced. :-)

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.


pipsa said...

NOOOOOOO! Not Jedward! THEY are a waste of space...

jennifée said...

Might be a good thing if they don't win; not sure they can afford to host next year's show now?! o_O

Paz said...

I dont usually comment on Eurosong, but I heard this song today for the first time.
On behalf of the Irish people can I say sorry for inflicting these two dumb talentless muppets upon ye. They are the result of dumb teens voting for them on X factor and dumber teens voting for them on Eurosong. A clip of them on nevermind the buzzcocks, i saw this live they usually take the piss off guests, they didnt have to try with these two