Sunday, March 6, 2011

THE NETHERLANDS 2011 - Je vecht nooit alleen

The Netherlands have been wandering in the desert, metaphorically speaking, for years now ... they haven't qualified for the final since 2004, and even then (before there were semi-finals :-) it's been more than a decade since they made it to the top ten. I feel for them, I really do. They're wonderful people. :-) They just don't get this right anymore.

Will things be different this year? Well ... probably not. :-) There's nothing wrong with the song, as such, it's not at all bad ... but it's just so completely bland. It has no personality, no hook, no real rhythm. It's a soothing ballad. That's exactly what it is. It's quite charming, nothing wrong with it. But I have no idea how they imagine that this will stand out against the competition in any way. o_O

Depending on which slot they get and on the other songs in their semi, they may get through to the final. But I'm not willing to bet any money on it.

This is 3JS performing their own song, Je vecht nooit alleen. They will be competing for the Netherlands on Thursday, May 12th.

Fullscreen here.
Lyrics with translation here.

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