Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wonderful music!

I went to the theater on Saturday ... it's one of the things I'm trying to do more of this year, see live theater. Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited to a performance of a play that hasn't even opened yet - it opens on Friday this week, downstairs at Det Norske Teatret. It's the first ever production of Vi har så korte armar ('We've got such short arms) by Olaug Nilssen, based on her own novel. (She's the one who wrote Få meg på, for faen.) I wasn't planning to see this, but Anéa got a couple of free tickets and she invited me. If it's free, I'm there. ;-) And it was actually really good. Kind of weird, but good. Fun. There are only five actors, and they switch quickly between various parts, using just a very few props and lots of fantastic body language. Especially this guy, he was fantastic. (And I just now realized that he played Anton Fugger in Which Witch a couple of years ago. Huh.)

Anyway. A weird and interesting play, entertaining, I recommend it. We enjoyed it. :-) I personally especially loved the music they used ... an absolutely wonderful song that I had never heard before but totally loved. I was going to email the theater and ask about it, but Anéa did it before I got around to it. I am slow. :-) Here it is, with a very unusual video ... White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. I love it!! :-)

Fullscreen here.

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