Saturday, March 5, 2011


I got a really cool Postcrossing card the other day ... a card from Germany showing a fire salamander, Salamandra salamandra. (I have reptiles and amphibians listed among my interests on my profile. :-) An absolutely gorgeous photo. Almost the coolest thing about it is what the sender wrote to me - that she has salamanders like these living in her garden ... !! omg WANT ... !! :-o She says that although they aren't too common where she lives, she still sees them often, because there's a ... colony, or whatever, in her garden. I am SO JEALOUS ... !!

We don't have this species of salamander in Norway - unsurprisingly - we only have great crested newt, Triturus cristatus, and smooth newt, Lissotriton vulgaris. Wonderful animals too of course, but they rather pale in comparison with the amazing fire salamanders. Literally. :-)

More in the same vein: If you like salamanders, then take a look at this video I made with footage I've shot over the past few years, showing various salamanders. I love saying salamander, it's a brilliant word! Salamander!! :-D

Fullscreen here.

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