Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brand new board game!

Or is it? Nope! It was published in 2009. I am so slow. I need to pay more attention to these things ... I wasn't even aware it existed till today. o_O But of course, as soon as I saw it, I had to buy it. ;-) Tanumine and I were hanging out after the BookCrossing meetup, and of course we had to stop by and check out Outland in their new location. (They've moved about thirty feet down the hall; looks nice, lighter than the old digs. :-) I caught sight of this game and decided to buy it in about two seconds. It's the sequel to Pillars of the Earth, one of my favorite games. Like the first game it's based on a real brick of a novel by Ken Follett. I haven't read either book ... yet, anyway. I plan to, definitely. But first, I will play the game! :-) If it's half as good as the first one it'll be worth the money. :-)

More on this later ... I will be making a video review of this for Youtube. Sooner or later. :-)

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