Monday, September 12, 2011

I love Norway

Check this out. No beer sales today September 12th 2011 due to elections. Gotta love it.

I haven't been feeling too good about this election ... several reasons for that, one of them being that I've been so conflicted about what to vote. Basically I think all the political parties suck ass and I don't want to vote for any of them. But I have to vote. Also the campaign in general has been so crappy ... I haven't followed it, it's all just talk, and coming from the wrong people too. Argh. What to do?

Well, obviously, the thing to do is to read all the party programs and then decide based on that. I basically just need a party whose basic outlook I agree with and who are sensible on the majority of issues ... public transport, privatization, housing, the woodline, parks and green areas, integration, schools ... things like that ... plus there are a few specific issues that I feel strongly about that I need to know where 'my' party stands. Local issues here in Oslo. I am against the sculpture park at Ekeberg, I want the Munch museum to stay at Tøyen and I don't want the viking ships to be moved.

So, I ended up a first time voter for the Green Party. And even though I haven't been enthusiastic about this election at all, I feel pretty good about it now, I feel that I have contributed and helped make a difference, because the results are coming in and the Greens now look set to get a seat on the city council for the first time. Yay. :-)


Calyx said...

Yay for the Greens! However, about the Munch Museum: Do you have any idea how much time I've spent explaining to worried tourists how to get there? You little conservative, you!

Leisha Camden said...

Seriously? How hard can it be? Take the subway to Tøyen and follow the signs. o_O The point - for me - is that Munch doesn't belong in Bjørvika. He was an east side boy, he belongs on the east side, and I'm sure he would not have wanted his museum to move westwards. The city should use half of what they plan to spend on building a new fancy museum on refurbishing the old one, and then take the other half and use it on another worthy project. Of which there is no lack. Which I'm sure we can agree on. :-)

Paz said...

Is alcohol that much of a problem, cannot understand why no beer!!!
Is it local elections, as you say you care more about local issues?

Leisha Camden said...

LOL! Stores don't sell beer because the authorities don't want people turning up drunk to vote. We Norwegians don't really know our limits when it comes to alcohol. :-D

Yes, it was a local election, to choose representatives for city or municipal councils and for the county parliaments. Also in Oslo for the district councils; the city is divided into a number of districts who have some local autonomy under the city council's overall government. The issues that I mentioned are things that the city council will decide about, so it matters where the local representative stands on those.

Paz said...

Thats hilarious that ye cannot be trusted to stay sober.

Paz said...

BTW we are having our Presidential elections shortly, this is a bit long sorry but here is our bloody choice
The Ironically named Gay Anti Gay Ultra right senior member of the main coalition government. Member of some very right wing Catholic think tanks. Wants to bring Christian democratic values to the Job and stole someone elses campaign slogan.
A Human rights champion lefty member of the minority Governmet partner, highly educated and not afraid to talk about it a philosepher and a poet. A little in love with himself and often refers to himself in third person. Wants to bring social issues like suicide etc into the mainstream, he's the favourite at them moment.
An entrepreneur who is only know for bring special olympics to Ireland, she was also Irish person of the year 2003!!. All her achievements since have been appointments to boards etc. Her platform is reform and renewel, but she is also interested in gender politics and the role of women in business.
A partially blind entrepreneur that has won awards for business in diverse areas from tech to agri, better known for his role on Irish Dragons Den on TV. He is running on a platform of positivity and rebuilding our confidence and believe as a nation and getting back into the world.
Those that might run
A right wing member of the corrupt political party that is blamed for bringing the country to its knees. He was a senator so did not have to depend on the public to help him to get 4 terms in the senate in which he has boasted that he has fiddled expenses.
A religious right wing former Eurovision winner who seems to be anti all kinds of everything that does not agree with her beliefs, She is running on the family values platform.
Our first openly Gay Social rights campaigner member of Senate, he unlike the first also might run gets elected by the college vote. Was better known for talking about James Joyce and being able to pronounce and make sense of the "Introibo ad altare De" bit in Ulysess. Now known for writing to Israel asking for leniency for his ex boyfriend who slept with a minor.