Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turtles in a puddle

The other day the weather was nice enough that I took the turtles out after work ... or at least it seemed to be nice enough, but it turned out that the lawn was incredibly wet, just about soaked through. It's been raining a lot lately. :-) There was so much water that I couldn't sit down even though I had brought something to sit on. (Sitteunderlag - what on earth is that in English??) I walked around ... but took my sandals off because I was walking in water anyway, so I might as well be barefoot. :-)

The guys aren't really used to being out in the wet ... getting natural sunlight is one of the reasons for taking them outside, so they only go out in nice weather. They're used to the outdoors being dry. :-) So this was a little odd for them. The little guys eventually found a puddle, and hey, this was fun! Strange-smelling water, but fun. It was fun for me too to watch them. As soon as they were in water Herman started trying to eat things. :-D


Anne Ida said...

Tji-hi! Så ut som detta var spennende, gitt ;-)

Paz said...

cute, reminded me of the old joke about the ducks :P