Friday, September 9, 2011

OMG squee!

Even though I only have reptiles, I am actually a dog person ... I mean, in addition to being into reptiles, I also love dogs. I used to have a dog ... for over twelve years, I had the most adorable and charming cocker spaniel you could ever hope to meet. :-) Dogs are fantastic animals. I don't have a dog now though, and I probably never will again. :-( Partly it's because they are so relatively demanding and I would feel pretty tied down if I had one of them to take care of ... it does mean a lot more scheduling and so on. And I'm so lazy. ;-) I live alone so all the effort would have to be made by me. That'd be a major stumbling block if I was considering getting a dog again.

But mostly it's because I'm allergic to dogs. :-( Well, to furry creatures in general, but for obvious reasons it's more significant that I'm allergic to dogs than to any other critter. I've always been allergic, but I didn't really take in how much while we had the dog, who I loved so much and would gladly suffer for. But I do get a reaction basically every time I'm in a home where a dog also lives. Unfortunately. I love dogs so much that I could never bear to get one and then have to give it up three weeks later because my head explodes every time I see it. That'd break my heart. So, no more dogs for me. :-( But of course I love seeing other people's adorable dogs. :-)

And here's one now! Check this out, it's actually even beyond adorable. Widdle baby doggie watching - and listening to - wolves on Youtube. Ayooo ... !! :-D

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