Friday, September 16, 2011

Farmers' market FTW

We started our cultural explorations tonight at Matstreif, the farmers' market, and we ended up spending like three times as much time there as we had expected we would. It was fantastic, best farmers' market I've ever been to, absolutely wonderful. Biggest Matstreif ever, I suspect, and really an experience. Don't miss it. :-) It's on tomorrow too, ten till six on Saturday. You should definitely go there if you have the chance. Lots of free samples of yummy foods from all over the country, and endless shopping opportunities for things you don't find in stores. :-)

Don't miss Masstua and their amazing jellies (especially the raspberry and redcurrant one, it's to die for) and Romstad Farm with the best butter EVAR. Seriously, you'll never believe how good it is. And that's just two of soo many. :-)

Ooh, and here is that raspberry and cheese ice cream cone. So creative, I love it.

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Elin said...

I would have loved to go, but there's no such thing as a farmers' market here. :-(