Sunday, November 7, 2010

André Øvredal: Trolljegeren

Does anyone remember this movie that I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I was just crazy about seeing ... ? A Norwegian mockumentary about one of the most central creatures of our folklore, the troll. :-D I was really psyched when I heard about it, cause it sounded so super cool. Well, now I've seen it, and I have to say, it IS super cool. It's awesome!! I love it!! Seriously, it's like my favorite movie that I've seen all year. It absolutely completely rocks. KAS wasn't overly impressed with it, but I have lower standards, so I was just blown away by it. ;-) It's fun, smart, very well made and 100% entertainment. I dig it. I may theoretically go see it again before it's pulled from rotation. And that happens like basically never, except with Keanumovies. So, if you're willing to take my word for anything, trust me on this - you don't want to miss this movie.

You especially don't want to miss the one & only Otto Jespersen in the role he was born to play. Seriously, he is PERFECT in this movie. (Unlike his beard which changes length and level of groomedness (is that a word?) from scene to scene. ;-) The entire cast did great jobs, IMO - I'd perhaps give special kudos to Knut Nærum as a friendly but confused civil servant, but I love Knut Nærum - but Jespersen is just ... OMG. Wow. He's perfect, he couldn't have been better. Just look at him. The eponymous troll hunter. Wahey. :-)

Look closely at his glasses ... :-D


KAS said...

But you're an OJ fan, so can we really trust you here? ;-)

I didn't hate the movie, but I expected too much... It could've been so awesome...

Paz said...

Must look out to see if it pops up here