Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yay for Zazzle

Does anyone remember that I mentioned Zazzle a few weeks ago, and that I had bought some postcards from there ... ? Well, they arrived, it took about a week and a half. So, not very quick shipping, but OK. I got a really good selection, take a look at this:

Cool, huh? The two in the top right corner - the mountain landscape that I've posted here before, ages ago, and the little flower - are my own products. The rest are from other sellers. Now I cannot wait to pull an address on Postcrossing where someone says they're a Jane Austen fan ... !! :-D

But I've already had one major success - see the very colorful hand drawn butterfly in the top left corner? Isn't it fantastic? I love it, it's so cool. Gorgeous. I couldn't wait to send it out. And I was in luck; two days after the cards arrived, I got an address in the Netherlands ... this PXer, Jessica is her name, says on her profile that if you just send her 'a nice colourful' card she'll be happy. So I figured that hey, you want colorful, you'll get colorful ... ! :-) I sent the butterfly, it arrived, and wow, what a response. On, you get your own postcard wall, or rather four of them - Received, Sent, Favorites and Popular. (That last one is only visible to you, for some reason.) Here's mine. You can add any card you like to your Favorites wall. It lets other members see what kind of images and styles you like and then they'll maybe send you something similar. I have lots of elephant cards on mine. :-) But where was I ...

Oh yeah, I sent the butterfly card to Amersfoort. Jessica registered it, and three hours later, 21 people had added it to their Favorites. :-o 21, that is through the roof for any of my cards! Before that, my record was 7. I think that's pretty good too. But this one, wow, it went viral, PX style. ;-) Since then even more people have added it, so now it's up to 28. I think that's actually pretty darn good. Not just by my standards but by site standards. Yay me. Or actually, yay Zazzle!

Oh, and to get to the actual point of this post ;-) - the cards are pretty good quality, but I have to say that my initial impression was correct. They are not as good as postcards. They are smaller, for one thing - moo cards are standard postcard size, Zazzle cards are a little smaller. And the cardstock also isn't the same quality. I'm not sure about the weight, but it's definitely lighter. Ie, thinner paper. So, you get more variety, but less quality. I would still recommend them for the former. But I'll never give up moo. :-)

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