Monday, November 8, 2010

'Generation Um'

Weirdness - has this movie listed as only 'rumored' and with a release date - a rumored release date, I suppose - of 2012, yet the poster's already out. Huh.

Anyway - whenever the movie comes out, I'm sure it'll go straight to video here. Alas. Although of course it's hard to say whether that will be any big loss ... AFAIK, so far, this thing seems kind of plot-free and random. But fingers crossed, of course. :-) I'm very happy with the poster, anyway. Doesn't Keanu look fantastic? I love this look on him. Not too clean and not too dirty. ;-) But I have to say it's kind of scary how he seems to hardly age at all. And instead of mentioning Botox and plastic surgery, go check out some non-retouched recent photos of the guy. He does actually have quite a lot of laugh lines and whatnot; the very thing that miracle drugs and surgery are supposed to get rid of. And look around for pictures of his father too - it's good genes that are keeping him young and he got them from his deadbeat dad. Kind of ironical.

Anyway ... it's good genes and a pretty healthy lifestyle. But sometimes one may be excused for wondering what he's got in his attic. ;-)

And no, his father didn't look young last time he was in the news because he lived a healthy lifestyle. Heroin + poverty + heart disease = not healthy.

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